Pawn with Gold and Bags Pawn Shop

If you’re looking to get the best value when pawning your jewelry and your designer handbags for cash, Gold and Bags is the place to go.

Trust Our Experts & Earn Cash Quickly

At Gold and Bags, our team of experts will ensure that your handbag-pawning process is quick, convenient, and hassle-free. With our in-depth knowledge of the luxury handbag market, you can feel confident that your bag will be appraised fairly and accurately for its value.

Quick Payout, Whether In-Store or Online

Submit your handbag information through our convenient online form and receive a premium offer within 24 hours! Once you accept the offer, use our FREE shipping label to send your bag to us. Once we receive your bag, you’ll be paid within two business days.

OR visit us in-store, have your handbag appraised in person, and receive your cash payout immediately!

All Luxury Brands Welcome

Whether you want to sell a Louis Vuitton bag, want to get cash for a Gucci bag, or you’re looking to pawn your Chanel handbag, we’ve got you covered. Get the best premium appraisal prices on all luxury handbag brands, from Christian Dior to Prada to Giorgio Armani & more!

Gold and Bags will also happily appraise your vintage and limited-edition luxury handbags. If you’ve got unique or rare designer handbags, we’ll pay you top dollar for them!

More than Just Handbags

As a high-end pawn shop, Gold and Bags accepts a variety of luxury goods. If you’re looking to pawn your jewelry, pawn your Rolex, or even exchange cash for gold, we’ll offer you the best market prices for your items. Our quick and convenient process will ensure you get your money fast.

Professional Appraisals by Trusted Experts

Our expert team is knowledgeable about the luxury market—so you can trust that you’re getting the best price on your designer handbag. At Gold and Bags, we’re committed to giving you the best customer experience possible. Our team is attentive, compassionate, and communicative.

Don’t risk trying your luck with an unverified online marketplace or run-of-the-mill consignment store. Make sure you’re getting the best price when you pawn your handbags by choosing Gold and Bags.

Socially Responsible, Environmentally Conscious

Feel good about choosing Gold and Bags by knowing our commitment to environmental and social responsibility. By selling your luxury items with Gold and Bags, you can reduce unnecessary waste AND get paid for it!

Gold and Bags also donates a portion of its profits to charities that support environmental and social causes.

How to Sell Your Handbag

Option One: In-Store

To sell your designer bag in-store, visit us at our physical location: 973 W Commercial Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309. Our team of experts will appraise your bag and make an offer. If you accept, you’ll be paid immediately in cash!

Option Two: Online

To sell your designer bag online, you’ll first fill out our comprehensive and no-hassle form. We’ll appraise your bag within 24 hours of receiving your form and send you an offer. If you accept, we’ll provide you with a free shipping label to use when sending your bag to us. After your handbag has been received and authenticated, you’ll receive a payment within two business days. It’s that easy!

Don’t Wait to Get Paid for Your Luxury Handbag – Visit Us In-Store or Fill Out Our Online Form Today!