Cash For Gold


Maybe your expensive jewelry or handbags is not fit for public use anymore. But they are still worth a good deal of money. The problem is not just anyone can evaluate such items and take them off your hands at a reasonable price. This is where Cash for Gold services become a solution. You free up expensive clutter, meanwhile also making some significant cash.


Many people cling to their broken jewelry and other gold items. Sometimes the reason might have to do with sentiment. But in most cases, these people are doubtful about selling these expensive items to another party. Once you learn how the process works, you will surely have more confidence in these services. You will also learn how to choose the best Cash For Gold.



How Do Cash For Gold Services Work?


Cash for Gold services works in a few simple steps. First, you bring the items you want to sell to the store. The staff at the service will evaluate the quality of your Gold. Then they will put an offer before you. You can either take the price, negotiate a better one or leave the offer. After buying from you, the service might resell it or utilize the Gold in some other way.


Measurement of the item


One of the most important steps in Cash for Gold is the evaluation process. It establishes the authenticity of the item you are trying to sell. At the same time, it determines the price you will get.


At first, the store will check the purity of the Gold. The unit of purity for Gold is Karats. If the Gold in your is 99.9% pure, it’s 24 Karats. Meanwhile, 75% pure Gold constitutes 18 Karats. The service might use a Karat Meter or perform an acid test measures the purity of your Gold.


After purity, weight is the second most important factor the service will consider to evaluate your Gold. The unit of measurement here is Troy ounces. It is different from the usual “Ounce” used to measure daily necessities. One Troy ounce means 31.1 grams.


If the item was sold to you by a reputed Gold seller, the purity and weight would not differ much from the time you bought it. Otherwise, you might get into an argument with the cash for gold service. So, it is essential that you only buy from or sell Gold items to reputable dealers.


Determining the Price


Taking into account the purity and weight of the Gold, the service quotes a price based on the current market value of Gold. Over the long term, Gold prices usually tend to go up. For instance, over the last decade, Gold has increased by 22% in value.


So, if you purchased jewelry 10 years ago, you can rest assured that you will get a higher price than what you spent on it. However, sometimes there are short windows when the price plummets. In other words, if you are selling a Gold item shortly after buying it, you can sometimes expect to get a lower price than the purchase.


Apart from market value, it is also essential that the item is in decent condition. If the jewelry is irreparably damaged or worn out, naturally, you will get a lower price. Some Cash for Gold services also takes into account the brand and designer of the item. Items from renowned brands will get a better price.


Accepting The Offer


Once the dealer quotes their price, you have the liberty of accepting or rejecting it. Some stores might try to make it seem like you are obligated to sell the item since they had spent time evaluating your item.


They might also try to manipulate or pressurize you into selling the item at their quoted price. But remember, these are business tactics. You don’t have to sell the item if you don’t want to.


Depending on various factors the price might considerably deviate from your expectation. Maybe the item is too worn out. Plus, the store also has to cover costs and make profits when they resell your item. In that case, you can take the time to consider your decision. You can also try out a few other services to sell at your expected price.


If you agree to the dealer's offer, they will ask you to sign a form. The form dictates various terms of services. Make sure you understand them well, before signing anything. Be clear about any hidden fees or service charges. The cash for gold service can pay you in cash, cheque, bank transfer, or other methods.


You can take back the item if the offer doesn’t suit you. In some services, they require a small fee for returning your item. This is the cost of the evaluation and price determination they did for you. To avoid a surprise, ask them about this fee before you let them test the item.



Why Choose Gold And Bags To Sell Your Gold?


You can’t just sell your Gold to any Cash for Gold service. The service you choose must be a reputable and honest one. They should have a friendly staff who doesn’t pressurize you into selling. Otherwise, your trip to the Cash for Gold store would be a very unpleasant one.


Gold and Bags can be your best option if you are looking to get the top price for your Gold jewelry. Here are the qualities that make us worth your choice and that every legit Cash for Gold service should possess-


Customer Service: Our staff is highly professional, knowledgeable, and eager to help. They shall guide you through the process and answer every question you ask. However, they will ensure that the decision to sell only comes from you and does not pressurize you in any way.


Stature-of-the Equipment: The advanced facilities at Gold and Bags leaves no room for doubt about the purity and weight of your item. This is an essential quality for any service you choose. Because old and inefficient equipment wouldn’t pass the correct judgment on your Gold.


Top dollars: We always pay the top dollar in the industry. Whether its a jewelry, expensive brand handbags, watches, or a coin- you will be paid the best price. Plus, we will make sure your entire experience is smooth. So that, you will choose us again in the future.





An old broken price of jewelry isn’t helping you by sitting there in your closet. But it can easily become a source of income if you find the right Cash for Gold service. Meanwhile, you might get tricked into letting go of an expensive item at a low price if your chosen service is a scam. So, make a wise decision and choose a legit service like Gold and Bags.




Cash For Gold